Truffles are a delicious treat any day of the year and a sweet gift. The journey from hand to mouth is usually a short one when chocolate truffles are concerned!


Standard Line Flavor choices:

Chocolate - Rich dark double chocolate center, dipped in milk chocolate, then in dark chocolate.

Strawberry - Sweet strawberry puree and dark chocolate center, double dipped in chocolate.

Raspberry - Decadent dark chocolate center blended with raspberry puree, dipped in dark chocolate.

Pink Salted Caramel - Dark chocolate center, blended with delicious caramel and Himalayan Pink Salt, dipped in dark chocolate and drizzled with more caramel.

Evening on Whiskey Row Tea - Dark chocolate center, infused with Spice Traveler Tea, dipped in dark chocolate.

Sicilian Lemon White Balsamic - White chocolate center, infused with Olive U lemon balsamic, dipped in dark chocolate.  

Amaretto - Dark Chocolate center with Amaretto liquor center, dipped in milk chocolate, drizzled with white chocolate.

Grand Marnier - Decadent dark chocolate center blended with Orange puree, dipped in dark chocolate.

Baileys Irish Cream - Decadent White chocolate center blended with Irish Cream liqueur, dipped in dark chocolate.

Creme De Methe - Dark Chocolate center with Creme De Menthe Liqueur, dipped in dark chocolate.




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